What is a silicone sponge? What is the reason for its excellent heat insulation?

What is a silicone sponge? What is the reason for its excellent heat insulation?

Do you know "silicone sponge"?

Although it is used as part of industrial products, it is versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications such as heat retention, heat insulation, anti-freezing, and heat-resistant cushions.

As you can see, silicone sponges have various uses, but what I would like to pay particular attention to is their excellent heat insulation effect.

Therefore, this time, I would like to talk about the features of silicone sponges that are convenient to use and the reasons for their excellent heat insulation effect.


What is a silicone sponge?

What exactly is a silicone sponge?

As the name suggests, the material is silicone.

Characteristics of silicone

-Resistant to both high heat and low temperature
-Excellent water repellency
-Strong electrical insulation

These characteristics make it one of the essential materials for industrial products.

A silicone sponge is made by adding a foaming agent to this silicone material.

Since foaming agents are added, there will be some air bubbles inside. However, the silicone sponges have a structure in which each air bubble is independent called closed cells.

By the way, the structure in which the cells are connected without being independent is called "continuous cells".


Three characteristics of silicone sponge. The great attention is its excellent heat insulation!

 Silicone sponge has the following three characteristics.

 1. Light and easy to process!

Silicone sponges are attractive because they are light weight. (depending on  length...)

And it can be cut freely, so it can be easily arranged.

Because it is easy to process, it can be used for various purposes such as cushioning and packing.


2. Almost impervious to gases and liquids!

 The silicone sponge has a structure called "closed cell" that we mentioned earlier.

The properties of closed cells are

-Impermeable to gases and liquids
-Float on water
-It has a heat insulating and heat retaining effect

For this reason, this characteristic is also utilized in silicone sponges.

In particular, the characteristic of "difficult to pass gases and liquids" is perfect for industrial products, so it is used for various products such as packing and sealing materials.

3. Excellent heat insulation!

As heater manufacturer, we should pay attention to silicone rubber, which has excellent heat resistance compared to general organic rubber.

If the temperature exceeds 100°C for natural rubber and 150°C for general synthetic rubber, it will deteriorate in a short time and become unusable, but silicone rubber can be used continuously even at temperatures exceeding 180°C.

Depending on the degree of compression, it can generally be used from -60°C to 200°C.

So, what is the reason behind this excellent thermal insulation effect?


The reason why it has excellent heat insulation is in the air bubbles!

The reason why it has excellent heat insulation is because there are air bubbles inside.

In fact, air bubbles have the greatest insulating effect.

Whether a duvet is warm or not depends on how much air is trapped between the feathers.

In addition to the air bubbles in the silicone sponge blocking the passage of heat, the highly insulating "closed-cell" structure of the sponge also provides outstanding heat insulation.


Strong against freezing! Recommended usage environment

Despite the fact that there is a great heat insulation effect , it also has an opposite high anti-freezing effect as well

In cold regions and northern countries, depending on the weather, the temperature may drop below freezing, and pipes and tubes may freeze.

Silicone sponges can be used up to -60°C, so they are highly recommended for freezing pipes and tubes in cold regions and northern countries.


I just talked about the merits of silicone sponges and the secret of excellent heat insulation. I believe it is really convenient to have a "silicone sponge" that is excellent in heat insulation and heat retention.

Because it is excellent in heat insulation, it prevents heat dissipation and helps the heating effect, so it is an excellent helper that supports the power of the heater to the maximum.

Three High offers a wide range of silicone sponges.

We can also change the size according to your request, such as silicone sponge sheets, silicone sponge tubes, and silicone sponge square cords.

If you want to keep the temperature, prevent the heater temperature from dropping, prevent burns, or use it as a cushion material, please feel free to contact us!


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 (If you have a chance, please take a close look at the air bubbles inside the silicone sponge. There are a lot of air bubbles (lol).