No more hesitation! How to choose an electric heater for industrial containers <Adhesion heating>

No more hesitation! How to choose an electric heater for industrial containers

We often receive inquiries about how to choose a heater. The most common consultation is about raising the temperature of the content in the container or keeping it warm.

Therefore, this time, we will explain the basic knowledge of electric heaters suitable for heating and keeping warm industrial containers and how to select a product.

There are three methods of heating and keeping warm inside the container.

There are three general ways to heat the contents of a container.

1. Wrap the heater around the body of the container (heating with close contact)

2.Place the container on the hot plate (heat from the bottom)

3.Place the heater in the liquid (direct heating)


Of these, we handle heaters using methods 1 and 2.

This time, we will explain method 1 while introducing our products.


What kind of heater should I choose to heat from the body of the container?


If you want to heat from the outside of the container, use a silicone rubber heater or mantle heater. Let's explain each of them.

Silicone rubber heater

The most representative type of electric heater is the sheet silicone rubber heater. It is made of silicone, a synthetic chemical material, so it is flexible and can be tightly attached to the container. The degree of adhesion is very important in order to transfer the heat of the heater firmly. Looking at the thermography image when heating with the silicone rubber heater wrapped around it, the parts that are in close contact are uniformly colored orange, and you can see the good heating efficiency.



In order to heat safely, in addition to the silicone rubber heater, a temperature sensor and a temperature controller are used in combination. Specifically, a temperature sensor is attached to the surface of the heater, and the temperature of the heater is controlled by a temperature controller.


The silicone rubber heater tailored for the hopper tank maximizes the degree of adhesion. The photo below shows a hopper tank with an orange silicone rubber heater installed over its entire surface. Taking advantage of the unique flexibility of silicone rubber heaters, it fits perfectly in a conical shape like this. If necessary, we can also perform irregular shapes, notches, and drilling.


There is also a silicone rubber heater wrapped with silicone sponge as a heat insulator. Silicone rubber heaters generate heat from both sides. In addition to this, the heat insulation effect is added, and the heat of the heater can be effectively heated without escaping. Insulation also plays a role in preventing burns if accidentally touched.

Mantle heater (jacket heater)

The mantle heater is a heater that can heat and keep warm up to 700°C. Suitable for tanks, tubes, pipes, pumps, etc.

Mantle heaters are suitable for:

• For complex shapes

• When you want to use it at a high temperature

• When you want to use it in a clean room

We have a factory that designs and manufactures mantle heaters according to the usages, and we can manufacture even one product that meets the customer's request.


We hope we can be of some help to you in your heater selection process.