Digital Temperature Controller monoOne+ B (monoOne Plus B)

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This is a handy temperature controller that can be used from beginners to professionals with replaceable sensors. Available from one unit.

Standard equipment

Overheat prevention function.
It is equipped with a sensor, so you can use it immediately after receiving it.
Easy-to-understand response to unpredictable malfunctions such as sensor disconnection error by error indication.

Optional equipment

Available to be installed on DIN rails. Mounting to the control panel is also available.

Other information

[Upgraded NEW version]

Handy type that is easy to use in every place. The simplest entry model of "monoOne" with temperature sensor. (thermocouple K type)


  • Easy, safe and compact design, easy to use for anyone.
  • Handy type and easy operation. It fits in your hand.
  • The sensor can be replaced. You can choose the sensor type to meet your needs.
  • The industry's best class for handy types. Supports temperatures from -199 to 999°C.
  • Equipped with overtheat prevention function and sensor abnormality detection function. When an error occurs, an alarm sounds.
  • Easy-to-understand response to unpredictable malfunctions such as sensor disconnection error by error indication.


  • Use the 100V power plug when connecting to the heater.
    ※ Only monoOne+ B can be used with 200V. (In this case, replace the plug with a 200V outlet plug.)


  • "monoOne" is a registered trademark of ThreeHigh Co., Ltd. in Japan.

Product specifications

Product name monoOne+B
Model mpb20
Color Black
Power supply voltage AC 85V ~ 250V (single phase) 50/60Hz
Output rating 0.1A~12A (resistive loading)
Input Thermocouple (K)
Output format Relay
Control method ON/OFF control
Display range -199~999℃
Indication accuracy ±2℃(-199℃~700℃),±4℃(+700℃~+999℃)
Sampling cycle 0.1 second
Setup value storage EEPROM
Short circuit protection Built-in fuse (cannot by exchanged by the user)
Other functions Error display/Sensor error detection function/Overheat prevention setting/
Relay-welding detection function/High-frequency relay switching detection function
Relay switch count monitoring function
Electric energy consumption 4VA or less
Operable temperature range Temperature:-10 to 40°C, Humidity: 10 to 85% RH (non-condensing)
Withstand voltage AC1500V per minute (both power supply and output)
Noise Resistance Pulse width 50nS, 1500V at 1000nS
Dimensions/weight 165 (vertical) × 70 (horizontal) × 35 (depth) mm* Approx. 600g excluding protrusions and mounting brackets
Installation Wall-mounting/DIN Rail (Optional)
Included sensor Thermocouple(K) φ3.2×100 L
Includes male connector with 2m lead wire
※ Please contact us when used at 260°C or higher.
Power supply cable length Power supply side: 1m (with 100V male outlet plug)
Heater side: 1 m (with 100V female outlet plug)