Digital Temperature Controller monoOne-120 (monoOne-120)


Digital Temperature Controller monoOne-120 (monoOne-120)

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Digital Temperature Controller monoOne-120 (monoOne-120)


Pickup available, usually ready in 5+ days

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Compact and tough body. The temperature of the heater and the object to be heated can be monitored at the simultaneously, and the overheat prevention function is installed.

  • Easy, safe and compact design, easy to use for anyone.
  • It supports most thermocouples including platinum resistance thermometers Pt100Ω.
  • First in the industry! Sensor port for monitor is equipped as standard.
  • PID control and monitor functions are equipped as standard.
  • The heater can be safely used with two overheat prevention function.
  • The temperature of the object to be heated is also measured while controlling the temperature of the heater. It can be used safely even if the heated parts are separated.
  • A safe field environment can be realized by using the error port even for unpredictable malfunctions such as sensor disconnection.
  • It is also possible attach it to 5-step stands and DIN rail mounting. A convenient ON/OFF timer can also be selected.

* The temperature sensor is not included. Select a temperature sensor that meets your application.

* "monoOne" and its logo are registered trademarks of ThreeHigh Co., Ltd. in Japan.

Model monoOne-120/120T
Input Thermocouple (K, J, T, E, R, S, B) <100 Ω or less external resistor>
Platinum resistance thermometer Pt100Ω
Power supply voltage AC 90 ~240V (single phase) 50/60Hz
Output format SSR (non-contact) voltage output <The output voltage depends on the power supply voltage>
Output rating 15A or less
※ There is some leakage current due to SSR output. Please contact us if the current value is 0.2A or less.
Auxiliary output AC250V、EA
Control method 1. PID time division proportional <Heating> with auto-tuning
2. ON/OFF control <Heating>
Control constant Proportion range: 0.1 to 999.9 (°C)/Proportion cycle: 1 to 10 (sec.)
Integral time: 0 to 999 (sec.)/Sensitivity: 0 to 99.9 (°C)
Differential time: 0 to 999 (sec.)/PV compensation:-50.0 to 50.0 (°C)
Display unit
Classification Resolution 0.1 Resolution 1 Unit
K -199.9 to 999.9 -199 to 1372 °C
Pt100 -199.9 to 650.0 -199 to 650 °C
J -50.0 to 999.0 -50 to 1100 °C
T -199.9 to 400.0 -199 to 400 °C
E -199.9 to 750.0 -199 to 750 °C
R ----------- 0 to 1760 °C
S ----------- 0 to 1760 °C
B ----------- 0 to 1800 °C

Measured temperature: 7-segment red LED with a character height of 14.3mm
Set temperature: 7-segment green LED with a character height of 10.2mm
Monitor display: 7-segment red LED with a character height of 8.0mm
Timer indication: 7-segment green LED with a character height of 8.0mm
OUT lamp: Lights when heater output is on <range LED lamp>
ALARM lamp: <Red LED lamp> Lights when error (alarm) occurs.
AT lamp : Lights during auto-tuning <Green LED lamp>
ON timer: Lights when ON timer is selected <orange LED lamp>
OFF timer: Lights when OFF timer is selected <orange LED lamps>

Indication accuracy
Thermocouple K,J,T,E (The larger of ±0.3% or ±2°C of the displayed value) ±1digit or less
R,S (The larger of ±0.3% or ±3°C of the displayed value) ±1digit or less
B 0 ~ 400°C ±5% 1digit or less of the indication range
Platinum resistance thermometer (The larger of ±0.3% or ±0.8°C of the displayed value) ±1digit or less

※ Sensor errors are not included.

Sampling cycle 0.5 sec.
Saving the setup values EEPROM
Short circuit protection 20A Built-in fuse (Cannot be exchanged by the user)
Other functions Error display/Burnout/Overheat prevention setting/Lock function/
Heater disconnection alarm function/Timer function
Power consumption 10VA or less
Operable temperature range

Temperature :0 to 40°C

Humidity: 35 to 85% r h (non-condensing)

Withstand voltage AC1800V per seconds (both power supply and output)
Noise Resistance Pulse width 50 nS, 1200V or more at 1μS
Dimensions/weight 165 (vertical) ÁE110 (horizontal) ÁE85 (depth) mm *Approx. 1.3kg excluding protrusions and mounting brackets
Installation Tabletop/wall-mounting/DIN rail (optional)