[Heating medical chairs and beds bring warmth and comfort to patients]

[Heating medical chairs and beds bring warmth and comfort to patients]

Patients who visit clinics and hospitals feel uneasy when they sit on treatment chairs or lie on beds for treatment. Physicians would like to be able to alleviate the anxiety of such patients as much as possible. One way to make the patient feel more comfortable is to keep the treatment chair or bed warm. A slight warmth in a chair or bed can help the patient feel calm. Therefore, we will introduce heaters suitable for medical equipment.

Patients feel uneasy when medical chairs and beds are cold

We believe that many of the owners and medical practitioners of community-based clinics and otolaryngology, dentistry, obstetrics and gynecology medical centers want to make their patients feel relaxed during treatment. There are many places that try to make people feel less anxious about their illness, such as brightening up the lighting and interior decorations in the waiting room and treatment room and playing background music. And these efforts are effective in putting the patient's mind at rest.

Now, there is one more thing to consider for the patient and they will really appreciate it. If the chair or bed they sit on during treatment is warm, they will feel even more relaxed.

The chairs and beds used for treatment are made of materials that are firm and cool to the touch. After a consultation with the doctor, the patient is often asked to sit in a special chair or lie on a bed while waiting for treatment. At that time, the coldness of the chair and bed is transmitted, which makes them feel uncomfortable. It doesn't bother much if they keep the clothes on, but if they are only wearing underwear, they are somewhat worried about getting sick.


Furthermore, when a diagnosis is made using medical equipment such as an ultrasound diagnostic device or a fiberscope, the patient must remain still for about 10 minutes. If you are undressed and undergoing a diagnosis on the bed, your body will gradually cool down and you may feel cold. Even if you are in an air-conditioned room, your body will feel cold during the treatment due to anxiety. Especially if you're undressed.

A slight warmth in the back can soothe the patient

Patients will feel more comfortable if the treatment chair or bed is warm enough to not get hot.

When a patient comes to the hospital with a sudden illness, they are worried about what kind of treatment they will receive. If you are visiting a hospital for the first time, you will have to undergo a medical examination without knowing the right or left.

Warmth is effective in alleviating the patient's anxiety. It's neither hot nor cold, and when the right amount of warmth is transmitted through your skin, you feel calm. In large-scale treatments such as surgery, BGM is played in the operating room and the operating table is heated by a heater to eliminate the patient's mental anxiety.

Touching the patient's body with warm heat during treatment can soothe the patient and make them feel at ease.

A thin, soft-feel heater reduces patient anxiety

How should I warm the chair and bed for treatment? There are chairs and beds with heaters, but they are quite expensive. It would be a second thought to buy a new one. If you can cover it with an affordable heater, it's better than that.

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to cheap heating equipment is an electric foot warmer. However, commercially available electric foot warmers cannot fix the chair well even if you try to warm your back. Also, if you try to use it on the bed, there will be a step. Recently, there are flat mat-type products, but they are small and cannot heat the entire chair or bed.

As a solution, although it costs more than commercial products, there is a method to have a special heating appliance made using a silicone rubber heater. Silicone rubber heaters are thin and flat. It can be attached to the back of a chair, or it can be used to cover the entire bed. In addition, since it is made of soft material, it does not feel uncomfortable even if it touches the body. It can be used as a heater by combining with a controller that can adjust the temperature to an appropriate level.


          Silicone rubber heaters               Digital temperature controller


Warmth can also be an opportunity to build a relationship of trust with patients

Concern for treatment is very appreciated by patients, and it is also an opportunity to deepen trusting relationships with doctors and nurses. The warmth of the heater serves as an intermediary between the doctor and the patient.

In addition, it helps to improve the reputation of hospitals and clinics. Recently, word-of-mouth sites that allow you to post reviews of medical institutions are gaining popularity. And there is a strong tendency to select a hospital based on written reviews. The introduction of heaters as part of patient care may add to the positive publicity.